My first sex Indian

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My first sex Indian

My name is AidahLena Mawarni Noh,from conservative family. Still I fall in love with /indian/indian-guy/">indian guy. His name is Ravi. We are in love for nearly three years. Now we are engaged. At the time of sex,we both were 18 years old and virgins. My first sex happened at my bedroom just before Hariraya. Iam proud to tell about my figure as it is 36d-30-36. And my boyfriend(now fiancee) is having athlete body type. I was in my bed, when he started to kiss on me which made me to give him a hug and a kiss. He moved his hand on my back, and lifted the back of my shirt up, and just rubbed my back while frenching me. By then, I was getting a little bit wet. He started to slide my shirt up farther and farther. Suddenly I got up and I closed the door behind me. As soon as I closed the door, ravi held my hand and kissed my neck. A tingle shot through my body. I kind of squirmed a bit, not to get away. . . but because I enjoyed it.

We moved to my bed and I lied down. . he lied down beside me and starting kissing lips, neck, nose ( I loved it when he would do that ), my cheek, etc. Eventually, his hands were up the back of my shirt again. I didnt tell him to stop, but I wasnt begging him to go farther. Eventually, he eased up and asked if he was going to fast. I kissed his lips quickly and said no, that everything was fine. He then pulled up the front of my shirt, just a bit. . . and kissed my tummy. He lifed it up some more, and kissed the clevage to my breasts. By now, tingles were electrifying through my body, inside and out. I helped him get the shirt off of my head, and all he was doing was kissing from my belly button, up.

He wasnt in any rush to get my bra off, or to get his hands down my pants. I was giving soft moans. 10 minutes went by, and finally, he took off my bra. He lived me up, and unsnapped it, slid it off my shoudlers, and put it on the floor beside my bed. This was the /first-time/">first time in my life that a guy had ever seen my bare chest. I felt kind of nervous with him seeing that, so I kind of crossed my arms to sort of hide them. He pulled my hands away and said they were beautiful. He kissed each breast, and started to strum my nipples, licking them. . . taking them into his mouth, kissing them. . . unless eventually, he was licking my whole breast.

By now I could feel the hardness through his pants. I dont know if he had planned for this to happen, or not. . . but it was turning me on. This was the farthest I had ever been with a guy. . . and I was REALLY enjoying it. He said, "Is this as far as you want to go?" I smiled, and shook my head. He smiled back, kissed my lips, and slid his hand down my pants. He wasnt in my panties, he was outside. Just rubbing my clitoris and what not through my panties. He could feel the wetness seaping through my panties. By now, all I indian santali xvideo was wearing were my panties. . . and I wasnt in any mood to stop. He started to rub my inner thighs with the palm of his hand. I remember him telling me over and over again that my body was amazing, that he loved me so much. He kept rubbing my inner thighs, just getting me more aroused. He was back at rubbing me clitoris through my panties.

I couldnt stand it, I told him I wanted alain lyle porn him to take my panties off. He slid them off. Before touching my pussy, he came back up to me and nibbled on my ear, and whispered into it. . . "Youre perfect. . . I love you". Then I took charge & took off his shirt. . . and he slid off everything else. I happened to see his 8" dick. He didnt let me do anything to him just yet. . . he went back to my pussy. He started to rub my pussy, all over it. . Not just the clit, but the lips and everything. I was almost reaching my first orgasm ever. . . he kept rubbing, up and down up and down. . . faster, than slower. . out of nowhere, I orgasmed! I didnt scream or anything, but I moaned really loudly and felt this GREAT sensation going through my pussy, I took his hand and pressed it harder onto my pussy, I told him I wanted his fingers up me. He took one finger and slid it up. .

I had the juices coming, so it was wet enough. . . he asked if I wanted another finger, without answering, I put another finger of his up. . . this was starting to hurt a bit. . so I asked him to just use his tongue. . . He spread my legs with his hands. . . and then started to lick, nibble, and tease my clitoris. . . I started moaning again, feeling another orgasm coming on. I pressed his head farther into my pussy, getting his tongue to go up. I made sure he put it in as far as he could. . . and when he did, he started doing this AWESOME thing with it. He was twirling it around, in and out, twirling it around, in and out. It was AMAZING. I orgasmed 2 times while he was doing that. . . not ONCE had he orgasmed yet. He lied down on his back, and I had no clue where to start. I started by just licking his shaft, and the tip of his dick. I started massaging his balls at the same time. He was getting larger and harder with every passing. Then, I deep throated him. I kept going in and out, fast, faster, and faster. I kept my mouth going, until he cummed in my mouth. I swallowed almost all of it, but not quite. He was grunting loudly now. . . moaning as well. I spread my legs as far as I could, and help guide him into me. He was only in a 2 inches now and I was starting to feel some pain and now it was hurting.

He eased in about 4 inches, and then whole 8 inches. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, from the pain. My cherry had popped. Blood came. He whiped the tears off, and just sat on me for a minute or so to let the pain go away. When the pain did go away,he moved himself up and down slowly & couple of minutes later he was pumping in and out, bringing the tip of his penis out, and then guiding it back into me. . . as far as he could. All the time I was moaning lougly with his strokes. My legs were wrapped around him, going up with him, and coming back down. We repeated this for about 15 minutes, and I came first. . . about 5 minutes later, he came. . . I came again, and again. I told him I needed a break, that my inner thighs were starting to ache. After an hour,we did it again in some different position and also experienced /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex. Now we are having sex regularly & enjoying every bit.