Tony takes it like a man

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Tony takes it like a man

Watching my neighbour mastubating was enough to set my pussy tingling. I grabbed a chair and sat down near the window to watch him as he fisted his hard cock.

Removing my tee shirt and bra I play with my breasts, pinching my nipples and pulling on them making them stick out hard and erect. My panties are soaked so I stand and remove the rest of my clothes spreading my legs I rub my clit and breathe hard. Slowly I push a finger into my wetness and allow my pussy to stretch to accomodate its invader. I look out to the bedroom window across from me and my neighbour has gone. I am too hot to stop now so I continue inserting fingers into my pussy, once I have four fingers inside myself I slowly start to fuck myself, My wetness is making slurping noises as I push my hand deeper into my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. I /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard.

The bedroom door slams shut and I jump out of the chair startled by the sound, white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie My neighbour is standing in my bedroom with his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in his hand, My boyfriend Tony is with him also naked with an equally huge hard on, both of them are grinning like idiots.

Tony grabs my arm and roughly throws me to the floor in front of my neighbour,His cock is inches from my face,

"Suck his cock then /bitch/">bitch ,Make it nice and hard for me."

My heart leaps into my throat thinking that I am going to get cock from both of them and I cant control my salivating as I take this huge member in my mouth. My neighbour,(whose name I later find out is Jon) grabs my head and tells me to open wide, he starts thrusting wildly, fucking my mouth like a pussy and making me gag, soon he cums spraying thick wads of cum down my throat.
I am aware of Tony moving around the room , still jerking his cock, But theres something strange about his movements he has a hand behand his back and looking in the wall mirror I can see he is pushing a large purple dildo into his anus. Jons eyes are wide and his cock grows hard again my mouth as he watches my boyfriend slowly fucking his ass.
Pushing me away Jon tells me to get on the bed lie on my back and spread my legs, I obey, slighty afraid of what would happen if I didnt but mostly curious as to what is going to happen and why my boyfriend is using my dildo to fuck his ass, and why Jon enjoyed watching him so much, My boyfriend is now on the floor with on his knees with his ass in the air, dildo still inside him up to the hilt.

"I didnt tell you to stop slut!"

My boyfriend immediately starts pumping the dildo in and out of his ass. Jon walks over to him and twisting the end of the dildo makes it vibrate.

"Now keep fucking yourself long and slow like I do"

Turning back to me he grins, and positioning himself between my legs starts to rub my swollen clit then inserts a finger inside me and feverently finger fucks my pussy all the time watching Tony sliding the /dildo/huge-dildo/">huge dildo in and out of his ass. His cock oozes precum, his eyes are glazed and he continues inserting fingers into my pussy until all four fingers are buried up to the knuckle, he withdraws his fingers and curls his thumb so that he can fit his hand inside me and without too much effort pushes his whole hand inside me. He waits a few seconds then starts fucking me with his fist.

"Stop what your doing stick your cock in her mouth and and watch me /fisting/fist-fucking/">fist fucking this slut you call your /girlfriend/">girlfriend. When Im finshed with her Im going to fuck your ass till you scream"

Meekly Tony complies and fills my mouth with is hard cock. seeing Jons fist inside me and watching my juices flowing down over Jons arm is too much for him and he cums down my throat very quickly, Setting my orgasm of and making Jon groan as my pussy muscles clamp down hard crushing his fingers inside me, While I am still mid orgasm he removes his fist and inserts the dildo my boyfriend had up his ass not ten minutes previously.

"Stay there slut! Do not touch the dildo or masturbate but you will watch me fucking him"

Jons strides over to my boyfriend and positioning himself behind him slowly inserts his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock into the open and waiting orifice in front of him. My boyfriend doesnt scream, He moans in pure pleasure and bites his lip. Slowly Jon starts pumping in and out of him,
Tonys cock starts to harden instantly and he pushes back against Jons thrusts, Watching the scene before me I start to stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv feel really horny again and automatically my fingers are drawn to the dildo that is still stuffed in my pussy, and using it I start fucking myself in rythmn wit Jons thrusts.
Taking the dildo out of my hole I posistion myself under the two fuck men and guide Tonys cock into my pussy, Its thicker and harder than it it has ever been and despite Jon fisting me it fills my pussy instantly. I gasp at it sheer size and I also thrust back against Jons thrusts He is breathing heavily now and his thrusts are harder and much quicker, My boyfriend is also starting to cum and his cock swells inside me, Rubbing my clit as hard as I can I start to cum, Jon groans and empties a wad of /cum/thick-cum/">thick cum into Tonys ass, Tony pushes his cock as deep as he can into me and fills me with his man seed. We all collapse.

After few minutes Jon withdraws from Tonys used ass and tony slides his now soft cock from my pussy, We all grin at each other and Tony looking at Jon says

"You still havent fucked her ass yet!"