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It started out as another Saturday night out in the Vegas suburbs. My husband Ben and I went to a local sports bar and /hung/">hung out with some friends. The drinks flowed and we were having a great time. Around eleven o clock Ben asked if I wanted to leave and have some ?fun?. Sure I answered; we got our stuff and headed for the car. I thought we would be heading to a strip club or something, I had no idea what was about to happen.

We drove to a sleazy part of the Las Vegas Strip and pulled into a dirty, rundown book store. My husband led me inside and I looked around at all the men lurking around. We walked to the back and Ben payed a big black guy for our entry. We walked down a dark hallway past a couple of men. We entered a door, stepping into a booth. My pussy was starting to react to my surroundings. Ben put some money in the thing on the wall and a window opened. A dancer was doing her best to be sexy, I wasn?t impressed. Being in this situation I decided to make the best of things. Leaning back into my husband I felt his lips on my neck. Shivers ran through me as his breath past my ear. Again he fed money into the wall and the window opened As I watched the girl on stage finger her own pussy my husband reached under my skirt and pulled my /thong/">thong aside. I reached behind me and rubbed his cock through his cargo shorts.

He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock. Without thinking I turned and kissed him. I got on xxx sex video download free com my knees and felt the sticky floor. A little dizzy from drinking I didn?t dwell on what the sticky might be. More money is fed, reopening the window that provided most of the light in the booth. I began sucking Bens cock, enjoying the nasty feeling of what was happening. My husbands cock is always /fat/">fat and firm and he rested his hand on my head as I slipped him in and out of my lips. More money and more time were added, I have no idea of what the girl on stage was doing. My husband took my hand and guided it to something in the booth. It was a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock I pulled my hand away, not sure of what was going on. I looked and a skinny white cock poked through the wall. My husband took my hand and placed it back on the strangers cock. I protested only to have Ben shove his cock back into my mouth. I was pissed, what the fuck! ?I want you to suck it?, no I responded. ?Come on, I want to watch?. I thought about it for a seconded. I turned to give it a try and the cock was gone. I asked my husband to go get some condoms. He smiled and tucked his cock away. Ben handed me a couple of little shot bottles of Jaeger and walk out of the booth.

I quickly slammed both shots and then fed more money into the wall, A new girl was dancing. I sat and watched her wondering what the fuck was taking my husband so long. My belly felt warm from the shots, and things seemed a little fuzzy. I heard a thump in the booth next to me. A /huge/huge-cocks/huge-black-cock/">huge black cock now protruded through the hole. My pussy tingled I leaned over and stuck my tongue out licking the purple head, salty. Again I needed more money for the window; I wanted to see what I was doing. With a mechanical buzz more cash was used to open the window. Now on my knees I opened my mouth and inhaled the black cock. My fingers found their way to my clit; I began rubbing a circle wanting to get off. The door to the booth opened and my husband stepped in, finding me sucking a total stranger. He sat down and I felt his hands on my ass. The cock in my mouth started to swell and drool ran from the corners of my lips. I could sexxxx video ful hd hear the guy moaning and grunting. I pulled him from my mouth and jerked him till he came. His cum flew past me into the dark booth.

I turned back and began sucking my husband who had been jerking himself watching me. Before I knew it another cock was in the hole. I tried to position myself so the guy could put it in me. The angle was tricky; I decided to sit on my husband. With Ben in /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy I leaned over taking the cock from the hole in my mouth. Both of them humped me. The guy in the other booth was a sneaky fucker, without any warning his cum flooded into my mouth. I pulled away and spit it on the floor as my husband continued to hammer his cock into my cunt. I don?t know if it was all the alcohol I had drunk or the fact that I am a slut, but I wanted more. I announced to my husband that I needed more. Pausing for a seconded he pulled himself out of me and pushed me off his lap. Ben opened the door and peered down the hall. He took my hand and led me to the far end. It was dark and dirty.

Sitting on the floor Ben pulled out his cock and motioned for me to suck him. I kneeled down and took him tasting myself. As I sucked my husband I heard a booth door open. A pair of hands pulled my skirt up, exposing me. Fingers hooked my thong, pulling it down my thighs. I shifted on my knees and felt my thong pass my /feet/">feet. Hubby handed the guy a condom and soon a cock pressed into my pussy, it was thick but not real long. My husband grabbed a handful of my long hair and slowly humped my mouth. The stranger humped away holding my right hip. After what seemed forever he pulled out and I could feel his cock pulse in the crack of my ass. And without ever seeing him he was gone. Ben was now moaning and cursing. His grip tightened on the back of my head as he pumped cum into my mouth. I swallowed his seed and tried to suck out a little more.

As I sat up and turned around I realized we had an audience. The big black guy who worked the gate stood with his arms crossed. Ben whispered into my ear that I owed him for letting us use his hallway. I stepped into the closest booth and was followed in by the doorman/ bouncer. The door closed and I was alone with him. He flipped a switch and a light flooded the room. ?Take your clothes off? was all he said. Doing as I was told I stood naked; He shoved me to my knees and told me to undo his pants. Inside I found the biggest cock I have ever seen. Without being told I tried to fit the monster in my mouth. My attempt was pitiful and before long I was hauled to my feet. He spun me around and bent me over at the waist. With one hard thrust he buried himself into me. His cock stretched my pussy and banged into my cervics.

Oh fuck it hurt; I thought I was being split in half. Slowly the pain faded and I realized I was screaming with lust. The bouncer yanked my head back by the hair as I came on his cock. I pinched and pulled my nipples as he abused my cunt. He pulled out long enough to turn me around and push me down on the bench. His cock speared me again, my pussy making sloppy sounds as he forced air out of me. A light slap from his hand fell on the left cheek of my face. My pussy twitched with a start of a seconded orgasm, more I bagged. Harder he slapped me and I came. He pulled his cock out and drug me to the floor by my hair, cum splashed on my face and dripped into my mouth.

I collected my clothes and dressed, I found my husband waiting in the hall. Walking through the store I wondered who had been inside me. With a little luck and some Jaeger we will be back.